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Loch Morlich & the Cairngorms | Drone Filming in Scotland

I was up north again doing some aerial drone filming around the Cairngorm National Park. Managed to get some cracking winter weather, long lasting golden hours and beautiful snowy landscapes. I was really happy with the shots I managed to get.

Loch Morlich Speyside 1
Loch Morlich Speyside 2
Loch Morlich Speyside 3
Loch Morlich Speyside 4
Loch Morlich Speyside 5
Loch Morlich Speyside 6

Drone Work | Loch Morlich & the Cairngorms | Scotland

Loch Morlich & the Cairngorms | Scotland

Production & Post

Tags: drone,, dronephotography, aerial filming, scotland, pfco, loch morlich,, cairngorms,

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