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The Royal Yacht Britannia | Aerial Drone Filming | Leith, Scotland

I was doing some aerial drone filming for an American Property TV show called House Hunter's International for Leopard USA.

They wanted all the obligatory establishing shots of Edinburgh, the castle, Arthur's Seat, Portobello beach, Calton Hill etc however due to the city council's ban on drone filming in city parks the options had to be narrowed. I ended up filming in three locations around Edinburgh - Portobello beach, Queen St and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The Royal Yacht was a really great one to do, as I think ETM is the only media company with footage of the yacht (that can be sold on!). TRYB have had drone filming once before, however the crown retained copyright to the footage.

The shoot required travelling down to Leith at day break, in the summer, which meant a 4am rise. First time I went it started raining immediately as I arrived. However, persistence paid off as I went again the next day and the shoot went ahead.

Thanks to Lynda Dalgleish and Casey Rust at TRYB for all their help with getting the necessary permissions and safety procedures in place. Also thanks to Darren Culshaw at TRYB for help with health and safety and mitigating risks. Thanks to Ray Clark at Forth Ports for allowing permission from the port authority side of things.

I made an edit of the Britannia footage that can be viewed underneath.


The Royal Yacht Britannia | Leith, Scotland

The Royal Yacht Britannia

Production & Post

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