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Omni Furnishing | STV Production & Post Work

I was given a brief from STV / STV Edinburgh to create an advert for Omni Furnishing which has a few shops around Edinburgh. The client wanted a bit of humour in the commercial but also, of course, to get across the message of all the great furniture he had in store.

The advert required three actors. Thanks to Lesley Sim, Norman Rees and Lili Sandelin for helping out. Various set-ups around the shop-floor. The idea was centered around the idea that you'd be miserable if you didn't go to Omni Furnishing, and look what happens when you do.

This was shot on a Canon c300 mk i. Couple of Lite panels for the lighting.

Omni 1
Omni 2
Omni 3
Omni 4
Omni 5
Omni 6

Omni Furnishing | STV Advert | Production & Post

Omni Furnshing

Production & Post
Distribution | STV & STV Edinburgh

Tags: editing, motion graphics, drone,, dronephotography, showreel, aerial filming, filming, drone filming, canon c300, phantom 4 pro

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