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Free | Short Film

Free was born out of the idea of getting a bit older, feeling the strains of modern life, however still having the drive and the passion to get out and use skateboarding as a form of escape, pleasure and tranquility.

  • Camera, Edit & Sound: Nicol J Craig
  • Skater: Stuart Rogers
  • Music: Portico Quartet, Double Space, Gondwana

  • I do not own the copyright to this music. I love their work and have used it in this film as I won't be making a profit from it. You should buy this album.
    BUY DIGITAL - https://is.gd/YyE7rs BUY VINYL - https://is.gd/B2Ha8p.

    Free 04
    Free 08
    Free 22
    Free 03
    Free 26
    Free 32
    Free 23
    Free 01
    Free 20



    Production & Post
    Distribution | Online

    Tags: production, post-production, editing, aerial filming, drone filming, black and white

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